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Correspondence, physical address, and rental/tenant payments:

Address: 716 West Meeker Street, Suite 101, Kent, WA 98032

Phone: 253.852.3000

Fax: 253.852.1417


For escrow related matters:

Homeowners and Condominium Association assessment payments:

Address: PO Box 531304, Atlanta, GA 30353-1304

If this is an emergency and it is after business hours, over the weekend or a holiday, please contact your property manager at the emergency number you were given.

Residential Management and Leasing

Dawn Clark

Dawn Clark
Property Manager, Real Estate Broker
253.852.3000 x 105


Emory Tungsvik

Emory Tungsvik
Property Manager, Real Estate Managing Broker
253.852.3000 x 103



James Emory Tungsvik

James Emory Tungsvik, MPM® RMP®
Corporate Secretary, Property / Association Management
253.852.3000 x 113



Jennifer Daly

Jennifer Daly
Property Manager, Real Estate Broker
253.852.3000 x 116



Jenn Trecker-Karpowicz

Jenn Trecker-Karpowicz
Asssociation Manager, Real Estate Broker
253.852.3000 x 110



Kim Chick

Kim Chick
Association Manager / Real Estate Broker
253.852.3000 x 114



Suzanne Cameron

Suzanne Cameron, MPM® RMP®
Corporate President, Designated Broker, Property Manager
253.852.3000 x 106


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